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3 Reasons Internet Users Should Be Worrying About ACTA Implications

Legal Implications

The ACTA implications have always been frowned upon since the beginning. This is only natural, considering the negative effects that it may bring to the internet.

We all know that most of the video games, content, and many other products on the internet come from other sources.

It’s not exactly a crime to do so, since the owner, one way or another, allows for such action to be performed. Another case is if the platform where the product was posted have their own policies.

Here we look at how the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement can disrupt the cycle of how content is distributed on the internet.


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If an individual, or a group for that matter, copy an idea of an owner without their permission, they can issue copyright infringement. The offender will then be punished accordingly.

In some cases, intellectual property owners post on platforms such as Facebook, knowing that they have no right to keep their idea from getting copied. This allows for the distribution of their work.

However, with the ACTA, even if the owner knows and approves of the copying and doesn’t want to be protected from it, anyone who copies the work will be prosecuted anyhow.

Player Licenses

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When an online gambling company creates software or a game, they allow people to play their game by providing player licenses, and sometimes for a price. In the perspective of the players, it’s only natural to make backups of their game data.

If the ACTA is to be implemented, this won’t be possible because if they create backups with the company being aware, they can be prosecuted one way or another. This is a big downside of the trade agreement.

Plots and Concepts

Companies ensure that they don’t bypass any laws by making sure the owner approves of it. For example, video games may include dialogues, character designs, and more concepts that originated from other’s works.

If we’re going to consider the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, then that means users of different platforms may be suffering from consequences by using the platform with a concept with even a bit of copyrighted part.

These reasons prove that internet users may not be able to relax one bit if the ACTA is to be implemented in New Zealand, or any part of the world, for that matter. On top of that, this will affect the online gambling industry greatly.