new zealand gambling - What Online Casinos Are Allowed in New Zealand

What Online Casinos Are Allowed in New Zealand

Online Gambling

Throughout the nation’s history, gambling in New Zealand has been one of the most popular pastimes. While gambling in the country is a popular activity, it is heavily regulated by the nation’s government. In fact, online casinos are prohibited in New Zealand if they are based in the country. As a result, individuals who want to play at an online casino will need to participate in one that is based in a foreign country. Fortunately for gamblers in New Zealand, there are many top international casinos that they can play to get a quality gaming experience.

Gaming Policies in New Zealand

The gaming policies in New Zealand are among the most strict in the world. However, players can participate in other casinos that are located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Europe. There are dozens of top casinos that players can participate at that include Slots LV, Red Dog Casino and Intertops. Along with participating in these online casinos, players can also take advantage of using Sky City Casino. This is the one casino based in New Zealand that gamblers can participate regularly. By taking advantage of these options, players will be in a position to adhere to the gambling laws but also get the most out of their gaming experience when using an online casino.

SkyCity Casino

As of today, Sky City Casino is the only casino that New Zealanders can play. With Sky City Casino, gamblers can come to a physical location to participate in a variety of games. At Sky City Casino, you can participate in games that include Baccarat, Poker, slot machines and table games such as roulette. Since the casino has a physical location in the country and is licensed and regulated by the government, people in New Zealand can participate both online and offline.

Slots LV

One of the top international casinos that New Zealanders can play at is Slots LV. This is one of the most popular gaming sites based in the United States. With this online casino, players can play a variety of games that include blackjack, poker and roulette. They can also take advantage of several rewards which will allow them to earn bonuses whenever they play. Along with a wide selection of games and bonuses, Slot LV offers players an opportunity to gamble legally in the country online. With all of these benefits, Slots LV is among the top online casinos to play at when living in New Zealand.

online casinos newzealand - What Online Casinos Are Allowed in New Zealand

Red Dog Casino

Another one of the top international online casinos is Red Dog Casino. This is a casino that offers players a variety of games to play. With options such as baccarat, roulette and poker, players will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy their gaming experience. While playing on this casino, players can also earn plenty of bonuses and rewards. These bonuses and rewards allow players to earn additional compensation for playing the games. As well as getting bonuses and rewards, this gaming site provides players with plenty of security and convenience. You can sign up for an account on the site and ensure that all of your personal and financial information is protected. This casino also allows you to play games on mobile devices and receive payments within seconds via Paypal or on your casino account.


The third casino that is among the most popular in New Zealand is Intertops. Like the other two casinos, players will have the chance to play many different games online. They can play usually casino games such as blackjack and poker. Players will also have the opportunity to play slot machine games where they can maximize their chances of winning money. Along with having more chances to make money, players will also receive rewards and bonuses for participating in this casino. Intertops casino also offers plenty of security for players to ensure that their information is protected. They easily receive payments on the casino’s mobile application as well. Therefore, Intertops is yet another top casino that New Zealand residents can participate in.

Lincoln Casino

When it comes to casinos that New Zealanders can play on, Lincoln Casino is another one of the best options. Lincoln Casino offers some of the highest bonuses for playing as they can earn up to $5,000. Along with one of the highest bonuses, Lincoln Casino offers a high win rate in which you will be able to win money more frequently than other casinos. The casino has an 8-day payout so you will be able to receive your funds in a little over a week. Along with all of these benefits, Lincoln Casino offers a secure platform to play on and easy access to the latest online casino games.

Sloto Cash

Sloto Cash offers plenty of games for players to participate in. Some of the most popular games on this casino include roulette, blackjack, poker and slot machine games. All of these games allow players to win regularly and earn a decent amount of winnings. As well as offering plenty of games and a high winning percentage, Sloto Cash provides bonuses that can range up to $7,000. Sloto Cash is yet another top casino that New Zealanders can indulge in whenever they want to have an enjoyable gaming experience with casinos.

Cafe Casino

Players who are looking for a quick payout, as well as one of the highest winning percentages, will want to consider Café Casino. This is another United States-based online casino that offers players the opportunity to win money almost every time they play. Compared to other online casinos, Café Casinos offers one of the lowest bonuses. However, with the high winning percentage and quick payments, players will be able to make up for the minimum bonus amount. Like all of the other casinos, Café Casino provides players with a well-rounded gaming experience as they can play several games anytime they decide to play on the casino.

VIP Slots

Anyone looking for a payout within 3 days will want to consider VIP Slots. You can receive your winnings within 2 or 3 days whenever you play on this casino. Along with one of the fastest payouts, VIP Slots has a winning rate of about 98% which is among the highest of all the online casinos. Similar to Café Casino, the bonuses are very low as you will get only $1,000. However, the selection of games and fast payout make this casino one of the best online casinos to play in New Zealand.

Wild Casino

In New Zealand, one of the top online casinos is Wild Casino. Players in New Zealand can participate in it as the casino is based in the United States. This casino offers a high bonus payout of $5,000 which can give players an added incentive to play regularly. Along with a high bonus, the win rate is 97% which is among the highest. The casino also offers a very fast payout as you can receive your winnings within one day. Like all of the other casinos online, Wild Casino offers plenty of slot machine games and traditional casino games that you can play. Therefore, Wild Casino is one that you should consider when looking to play at a casino as a resident of New Zealand.