Gambling in nz - The Rise of Online Gambling in New Zealand

The Rise of Online Gambling in New Zealand

Online Gambling

Although New Zealand is physically far away from the rest of the world, online gambling is as popular in New Zealand as in the rest of the world. Several countries have introduced laws to regulate online gambling, but New Zealand is not interested in this type of legislation, yet. There are global laws on lottery games and sports betting, but New Zealand has yet to call online gambling illegal as long as the casino is not based in New Zealand.

Perhaps the lack of online gambling regulation has made New Zealand one of the top places for online gambling in the world. There are only seven land-based casinos in the country, and online betting fills the gaps. Many players are joining online casino sites around the world, and more sites are emerging that allow gambling with NZD.


For years, gambling was treated as a recreational activity. Casual betting was popular in 1830, and most gambling was focused on horse and greyhound racing. In 1931, George Julius invented the machine that gave patrons the exact location of the horses as they were racing. This machine made gambling even more exciting.

Online Gambling

Online gambling was formally introduced in 1998, and players were given easy access to casinos that allowed gambling 24/7. The dynamics of gambling online, in addition to technological advancements, have thrust online gambling to the next level. Players now prefer gambling from the comfort of their homes.

Reviews show that almost 70% of the New Zealand adult (over 18) population has tried their hands at one form of gambling or another. New Zealand is now considered as a great place to engage in gambling.

In 2003, the Government of New Zealand realized that millions of dollars were going into overseas gambling sites. The 2003 Gambling Act was reviewed, and new proposals were written.

Government Regulations

Gambling Laws in New Zealand were first implemented in 2003. The Gambling Act allowed New Zealand Gaming Boards and the New Zealand Lottery Commission authority over sportsbooks, sports and casino gambling. However, online gambling is illegal if offered by casinos in New Zealand.

New Zealand law further outlines that operators aren’t allowed to offer players online casino games. However, the ruling leaves remote gambling operators and offshore casinos untouched.

New Zealand law permits land-based gambling, but these on-land casinos aren’t allowed to offer remote gambling opportunities, and this includes online bingo games and online poker games are illegal in New Zealand.

Despite these regulations, New Zealanders enjoy gambling and better using online games. The law has loopholes that support services offered by offshore operators, and New Zealanders often use these foreign sites for gambling activities.

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Future of New Zealand Online Gambling

Offshore casino operators take advantage of the loophole in the Gambling Acy. These operators often offer perks that attract players from New Zealand. You can find the New Zealand dollar or the NZD offered as a currency option by most offshore and online casinos. Some online gaming platforms also offer other New Zealand friendly payment methods. If you need customer support for your gambling questions, you can call international customer support through toll-free numbers.

It is technically illegal to play online casinos in New Zealand, but the Government can do little to stop or authorize online gambling. The law needs to be changed to stop people from online gambling, but that doesn’t look promising.

A second proposal from the Government welcomed international operations and give them New Zealand gambling licenses. It was argued that allowing international casinos to have licenses would bring back competition and increase the money pouring in from global casinos.

The bottom line, the government regulation proposals have opened up the New Zealand gambling market, taken the prohibitions off online offshore gambling and gambling is becoming more profitable than ever.

Playing online poker is the most popular form of gambling. Gambling runs over about $10 billion a year and exceeds on-site casino gaming that turns $4 billion. Other types of gambling are gaining strength in New Zealand, with sports betting rising in popularity. The online gambling market is going to rise even farther in New Zealand with technological advancements like smartphones, and cellular networks. You can conduct online gambling from any country in the world. Statistics show that more gamblers are joining online gambling in droves.

New Zealand’s government regulation loopholes for international gambling sites make it easy for New Zealanders to get online and gamble. The law specifically states that the are no laws prohibiting New Zealanders from playing online casinos based somewhere other than in New Zealand. You can enjoy all the casino games like keno, poker, video poker, blackjack, slots (pokies), and baccarat any time you want.

To summarize, New Zealanders who gamble online should not fear government regulations as long as the online casino they are gambling at is not based within the borders of New Zealand.

Another reason for continued and ongoing online gambling for New Zealanders is the numerous online poker sites that accept NZD and hold money in NZD. For New Zealanders, these are good sites to play, since there are no currency hangups.

Playing online poker is exciting and fun. Many New Zealanders are taking up playing online poker and love it. Do remember, however, that online poker is still gambling. If you find a site that is cheating, you reach out to the New Zealand Gambling Help Line.